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Large Suites

Our large suites give your pet a roomy and comfortable space during their stay at Pampered Pets Inn.

The large suite is 4 feet wide x 8 feet long x 6 feet high. The medium suite is 4 feet wide x 6 feet long x 6 feet high. Both of these suites are made of high quality anodized aluminum gates and grillwork with high pressure laminate covered panels. Each suite has a privacy panel in the front and on the sides so that dogs feel safe and secure but also offer grillwork on both sides to allow fresh air to pass through.

This design helps to keep your dog calm and happy during their stay since they cannot see each other across the way and become agitated. However, if they want to jump up and peek out at what’s going on, they can do so. This design also provides the best the industry has to offer in durability and cleanliness. Each suite is cleaned out with disinfectant and hot water every time your dog goes out to play.

Each suite comes equipped with a 2 feet x 3 feet x 6 inches high bed that is constructed of PVC framing with an easily washable vinyl coated nylon cover.

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