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How is your facility different than boarding at the vet’s?

Boarding your animal at the vet’s is a perfectly acceptable alternative. The difference is the amount of time your animal will be OUT of their cage and playing with other animals. We offer multiple interactive play sessions 7 days a week so that your pet is never bored or feeling abandoned. Once your dog figures out what Pampered Pets Inn is all about, just watch their reaction when you pull into our parking lot – they’re like little kids squirming in the seat because they want to jump out and play!

Why do the cats have 4 levels suites?

Cats are funny creatures and can be very fussy about where they sleep, eat and relieve themselves. Our condos were specifically designed to provide a litter box on the lower level with a privacy panel in front (most kitties do not like you to watch!). The next level is set up for eating, the third level for sleeping and the top level for playing or just watching out over the rest of their world – these 3 levels are all transparent so that your cat can see everything that is going on around them.
Each unit has places for a cat to squeeze into, curl up and hide or stretch out, depending on their mood, as well as steps to assist the very young or the older kittys.

When they come out to play the full room is theirs and we leave their door open just in case they want to jump back inside after terrorizing the fish in the fish tank!

Why are the floors heated?

We added the heated floors after watching our cat the first winter we moved to North Carolina. He spent the whole winter happily stretched out on our heated tile in the bathroom – happy cat! We decided to include this special amenity at Pampered Pets Inn so that your pets would always have a warm and comfortable visit, especially our older dogs.
During the summer of course, the floor is turned off and air conditioning is pumped in for comfort.

What do you do when it rains?

Since a bunch of wet dogs is no one’s idea of a fun time we’ve added in a large indoor playroom for our dogs to use on rainy days (not that they would mind a good roll in the grass of course!) .The dogs rotate into the play area for the same level of fully supervised play and interactive sessions when it rains.

Why is puppy socialization important?

Puppies who are socialized early learn that it is ok to be around other dogs and people and quickly adjust to playing and interacting in these settings. A socialized dog is less likely to be aggressive towards strange dogs and people; they learn to share their toys and generally become more accepting of new situations.

Pampered Pets Inn will offer ‘Puppy Pre-school’ in the near future. Our Pre-school programn is free of charge.

How do you decide which play group to select for a new dog?

Each dog is brought in for their first complementary visit and first spends time with one of our handlers. The handlers are trained to observe the dogs behavior and test the temperament. Once we feel comfortable that the dog is not aggressive with humans, we introduce one of our “greeter’ dogs. These dogs are very gentle in nature and have never met anything on four legs that was a stranger.

Our handlers will introduce the dogs gradually and once they are playing well together, introduce a few more. Once we are satisfied that the dog is a good fit, they will be assigned a play group for the day, but the handler will keep an eye on them to ensure your pet is mixing in well and having a good time.
Generally, dogs are grouped by size, but occasionally you’ll find an older dog or a handicapped dog who just doesn’t want to romp like the younger dogs and would prefer to just sit under a shady tree and enjoy the breeze. Those dogs will be placed with a smaller group.

All of the dogs have the choice to interact or find their favorite part of the tree-studded 2.25 acres and just watch the butterflies go by.

What regulatory rules do you have to follow?

The Department of Agriculture regulates the materials in our facility, the number of handlers as well as the indoor and outdoor conditions. It is also a requirement that we work with a licensed veterinarian to insure our health requirements are satisfactory.

How many people are outside with my dog at any one time?

The Department of Agriculture regulates this and requires that there is always one handler for every 10 co-mingled dogs. Pampered Pets Inn is fully staffed to meet this requirement and then some.

What happens if my dog or cat suddenly gets sick while at your facility?

A sick animal is immediately quarantined in a separate room from all other animals. Our Veterinary Nurse will contact the owner immediately for directions and we will contact the vet you have designated on your Owner Release form for advice.
If the owner is not available for consultation, and the need is pressing, we will contact your vet directly for a consultation. If it is after normal business hours for your vet, and the need is pressing, Pampered Pets Inn will contact Carolina Veterinary Specialists (Emergency Clinic) in Huntersvills for advice and direction.

If necessary we will transport your pet to a veterinary office for immediate care.

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