Luxury Dog Bathing Services in Mooresville, NC

Whenever we (humans) stay in a fine resort hotel, we enjoy getting clean in luxury showers with specialty shampoos. At Pampered Pets Inn, we feel it should be the same for our pet guests. When your dog is our guest, either for overnight lodging or day care, we can provide a simple bath or pamper your pup with a premium bathing service prior to departure. We’re here to keep your pet smelling fresh and looking great in between visits too!

Give Your Dog The Works!

Call us today and hear about our spa services. Your dog can get “the works” every few months and a simple maintenance bath as needed. Avoid making additional appointments and an additional trip…have your dog pampered during your next visit!

Benefits of Regular Bathing & Brushing at Pampered Pets Inn

  • Leads to healthy skin, healthy coat and less shedding
  • Your dog will become accustomed to being bathed and actually enjoy the experience!
  • We use high quality and customized bathing products at a great value
  • No lifting and struggling at home getting your dog into the bathtub!
  • Best of all…dogs who smell and look great receive lots more hugs and cuddling at home!
  • Check out our complete Spa Services Menu

Call Us Today To Hear About Our Spa!

Luxury Pet Spa

Services and packages are designed to meet any need.  We’ll help you customize a spa reservation with our ala carte services or you can choose from one of our discounted bathing packages.

Our Pet Spa Services Include:

  • Basic Bath (wash, dry, light brushing)
  • Premium Bath (basic bath plus full brush out, ear cleaning, nail trim)
  • Wash with scented shampoos and special coat conditioners
  • Teeth brushing
  • Paw rejuvenation therapy
  • Sanitary and pad trims
  • Blow outs, de-mats, de-sheds
  • Mud and Epsom salt baths
  • Check out our complete Spa Services Menu

Prices vary depending on breed size and condition of the dog’s coat.
Please contact us to set up an appointment… then relax!

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