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About Pampered Pets Inn

We treat your pets like family

We provide exceptional service levels and extra care and convenience for traveling and busy pet owners 365 days a year. Our mission is to care for our pet guests with love, compassion and professionalism, providing a premium experience for pets and their parents. We value and make the most of the time that your pet spends in our care.


We attract and retain a staff of pet lovers that serve our customers and their pets as family members.   Our staff of specialists is knowledgeable, professional, and passionate about our mission. It’s not just a job; we are a fun place to start or build a rewarding career.


In all we do, we treat each other with honesty, integrity, respect and service.   When we do it well, it sustains and grows our business in a manner that will sustain and grow everyone involved with it.

Meet the Owners: Chris Braund & Karen Van Sickler

In 25 years together, Chris and Karen have raised a number of wonderful, life-enriching dogs and have also traveled extensively in their careers. They have been responsible for running cities, building software, merging corporations and leading teams that have fun and deliver exceptional service.   But it’s their housemates that bring them the greatest joy, so they are purposeful in their involvement in a business that brings them into contact with so many pets and pet lovers.

Macy (left) and Bodie (right) each began their lives in shelters, but found a home with Chris and Karen. They’ve subsequently been guests in many different kennels and pet resorts. They serve as consultants, playmates and greeters at Pampered Pets Inn.

Meet the owners

Meet Our Senior Staff

team member Jessie

Jessie Walker

General Manager

Jessie loves taking care of all the dogs and cats, learning each personality, and educating others about proper pet care. She also enjoys being part of a family owned and operated business.

Jessica Hammerman

Office Supervisor

Jessica’s favorite part about working at PPI is being part of this community of animal lovers. It is the best experience.

team member Carissa

Carissa Strasswimmer

LodginG & Daycare supervisor

Besides getting to bring Maddie to work with her, Carissa loves getting to know and take care of all of the pets, assessing and placing dogs in a playgroup fit for their play style and temperament and being able to watch them make new friends while they are here.

team member Liz

Liz Johnson

Reservation Specialist

Liz enjoys getting to spend her workdays with her boy Beans. Her favorite part about working at PPI is making connections with new clients and showing them how great our staff and facility is.

team member Shelby

Shelby Galtieri

Senior Pet Concierge

Maintaining relationships with long time clients pets and owners is what makes working at PPI so rewarding for Shelby. She also enjoys being able to create relationships with our new clients but most importantly getting to love on all of the pets and experience all of their personalities.

Megan Campbell

Shift Lead

Megan's favorite part about working at PPI is making connections with new people and their pets! She loves getting to interact with all the different pets in our facility and taking care of them during their stay.


Justin Strickland

Shift Lead

Justin loves being able to work with and care for animals every day. He enjoys being a part of the PPI family and interacting with the dogs and cats at our facility with the rest of the team!

team member Maya

Maya Johnson

Shift Lead

Working at PPI has helped Maya gain more experience as she pursues her dream in veterinary medicine. She loves coming home from WCU and being able to be surrounded by all of her favorite pets and especially her own pup Harley.

Tyler Hilderbrandt

Shift Lead

Tyler absolutely loves getting to truly know all the pets that come to PPI and their unique personalities so that he can help make their stay the best it can be!

Laurel Gainey

Spa Supervisor

Laurel loves working in the spa and making pets feel pampered and look great! She also loves getting to be around dogs and cats all day long, including her pets Apollo & Athena.

Gabby Vazquez

Marketing Coordinator

Gabby loves meeting new pets & parents and promoting our awesome facility and services. She has fun photographing our guests during their stay, interacting with clients on our social media, and meeting people & pets at local events.

Denny Sorenson

Denny Sorenson

Facilities Supervisor

Denny's favorite part of working at PPI is ensuring everybody is in a safe and healthy environment. He enjoys being able to create and maintain a great interior and exterior for our guests during their stay.