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Our Store is a great place to find gifts for Dog lovers

We know how hard it can be to wade through all the treat and toy options out there, so we’ve made the job easier for you. We have a range of products to meet the taste and play style of any dog. From heavy chewers to picky eaters, we have something to keep every pup entertained and pampered. How do we know this? Because we’ve tried these products out with our own pets! Looking for a recommendation? Simply ask one of our helpful staff members what’s right for your pup!


We carry a variety of healthy, wholesome products that will satisfy your dog’s appetite as well as keep them busy.


Playtime doesn't end when you leave Pampered Pets Inn. Our focus is on safe, quality, highly rated products that will provide your pup with fun at home! Visit our toy section to see what we mean!


From bags to bows, we carry a number of items to help make dog ownership easier, practical, and even more enjoyable!

And More!

From cleaning and de-odorizing, to fun gifts for dog loving friends, we have a selection of items for you to choose from.

Some of the Brands we Carry

  • Bare Bites
  • Fluff & Tuff
  • Li'l Archie's
  • Outward Hound
  • Charming Pet
  • Earth Animal
  • Barkworthies
  • Grandma Lucy
  • Pet Odor Exterminator
Pampered Pets Inn Store
Pampered Pets Inn Store
Pampered Pets Inn Store
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