Professional Dog Training in Mooresville, NC

Teaching good manners in a luxurious, fun and safe pet resort environment.


Imagine feeling confident in your dog’s ability to politely greet guests, walk calmly on a leash, come when called, behave in public, and listen to direction. Imagine those enjoyable walks and public outings, with an obedient dog displaying focus and good manners. Training at Pampered Pets Inn is designed to help make life with your dog more enjoyable and empower you to have better control and confidence. You can rest assured that your pet is being cared for, loved, and taught by professional trainers, using safe and humane practices.


Dogs are motivated to perform behaviors for treats, food, and praise. Positive Reinforcement trains your dog to associate a reward with a desired behavior. We condition our students to understand that for every positive behavior they perform, a reward will be given. This results in happier, more confident dogs and a stronger bond with their owner.

Personalized and Proven Dog Training

We offer programs to fit your schedule and lifestyle. Your dog is unique, and so is the program we tailor to you and your dog’s needs. We offer a personalized, one-on-one approach of training techniques to ensure success.

Our Training Programs pair training lessons with rest breaks and daily group play sessions to create the ultimate training experience for your dog with our private suites, expansive outdoor yards & saltwater pool! Your dog will learn from our trainers in between playing, socializing, and relaxing—after all, a happy dog is a better student!

Lodge & Learn

Stay, Play & Learn! Training with overnight lodging, play group sessions, and a graduation session for parents to learn and practice commands.

Day Training

Play & Learn! Training with daycare and multiple transfer sessions for parents to learn and reinforce commands.

Refresh Training

Improve! Reinforce the good behaviors with additional focused attention on skills the dog has already learned.

Begin your training journey today

Contact us to schedule a free dog training evaluation as part of a daycare or lodging stay.


Every dog is different. Some dogs are quick learners. Some are more easily distr— squirrel! Some may never gain complete mastery. But all dogs benefit from training. And you will enjoy a relationship with a pet that interacts better with other people and dogs.

To better understand your dog and situation, we offer a complimentary evaluation at our facility where our trainers will assess your dog’s training aptitude, determine which program would be most beneficial, and learn about your goals. One of the strengths of our training programs is the opportunity for fun and play with other dogs in between training sessions and rest breaks. As a result, the evaluation is added to a paid daycare or lodging stay, where we will also evaluate how well your dog does in group play on the first day to ensure we are a good fit for your needs. At the end of the stay, our trainer will contact you to discuss results and next steps.

The Pampered Pets Inn difference

We know you have many choices for training. Here are some of the reasons why our programs are so effective:

  • Ideal for Busy Pet Parents. Your dog is trained while you work or play. We limit the amount of time you and your dog are away from each other, by conducting two training sessions every day.
  • Multiple Trainers Work with Each Dog. We focus on teaching skills, not creating a bond with one trainer.
  • Human Socialization. There is never a shortage of pet loving staff interested in interacting with your dog and reinforcing good behaviors.
  • Dog Socialization. Play groups are curated based on each dog’s personality and play style, putting dogs into peer groups where they have the highest chance for fun and success.
  • Learning Can be Fun! Swimming, running, and making new friends in a luxurious environment, full of people and dogs who want to get to know your pup.


Megan Staub manages our Dog Training team and is responsible for the processes, tools, and staff training we employ to deliver our services. An experienced dog handler and trainer, she is CPDT-KA®️ certified and focused on ethical practices and policies that support our positive reinforcement approach for dog training. Megan is also a registered Veterinary Technician, which is extremely valuable in identifying issues that develop with our guests and supporting instructions from our local vet partners. Her training team members are all experienced dog handlers, with expertise managing dogs in group play situations as well as training 1:1. The entire team is focused on creating an ongoing relationship with our training families to ensure every family feels they are putting their best foot forward and are supported before, during, and after our programs.

Megan posing with a dog
Pampered Pets Inn Dog Trainers
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We highly recommend Pampered Pets. Our rescue puppy, Daisy just graduated from the training program. After a lot of research, we chose Pampered Pets for the Daycare/ training program. We could not be happier with the progress Daisy made in training. All of the staff were wonderful, friendly and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable with our puppy being there. Pictures and updates everyday. Daisy loves all the staff and made lots of new puppy friends.

— Marie

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