Dog Training in Mooresville, NC

We offer a variety of dog training programs including our board and train academy, daycare training packages, private classes, Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification and customized programs.

Could your pup use some training?

Our professional dog training program covers basic obedience using slip leashes and/or prong collars and focuses on positive reinforcement to get results – we NEVER use electronic collars.  The training program includes teaching dogs to hold place, sit, and down, walking in a perfect heel (loose leash),  responding to three different types of recall (name, whistle, and “here”) and learning basic manners. Your dog will also go through a process called "free shaping," where his/her general demeanor will be calmed. Our training program also addresses negative behavior such as jumping, play biting and general nuisances. We provide behavioral advice to all clients and address all issues. Some training plans and classes offer various tricks (shake, spin, play dead, etc.) as well.

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About Training

We offer AKC CGC Certification tests to any dogs that pass our training academy. This is the first step toward therapy dog and service dog certification.

Obedience strengthens the bond between owner and pet, and is an exciting and rewarding experience for all dogs.  Call (704) 663-3733 to set up a free evaluation for your dog today!  It’s time to get your furry family member started on a new, positive path.