We’re here to help your pets look and feel their best! We have selected products
formulated specifically for pets with high quality, safe ingredients.


Who doesn’t love a good spa day? Regular bathing and brushing is crucial in keeping your pet smelling fresh and feeling great. Why struggle at home when our skilled technicians, using specialized equipment and high-quality, safe products can do it for you? Plus, our caring staff will ensure your pet has a positive experience, tailoring each appointment to your pet's likes, temperaments and needs. Your pet’s safety and comfort is a top priority! Schedule a spa-only visit or add to your next Daycare or Lodging stay.

Our Dog Spa Services Include:

Full Service Bath

  • Relaxing Massage and Wash
  • Blueberry Facial
  • Light Conditioning
  • Complete Dry
  • Light Brushing
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Nail Trim & File
  • Spritz of Cologne & Bandana
  • Paw & Pad Hair Trim if needed
  • External Anal Gland Expression and Ear Plucking upon request

$44 - $94 based on breed/size

Keep long hair manageable and tangle free by cutting to an easy length to care for. Types of cuts: Maintenance (same length all over up to ½” long) and Styled (legs left longer than body). Includes Full Service Bath. $74 - $129 based on breed/size.


Healthy Skin & Coat Treatment | Bath Add-On

Adds moisture back into the skin and coat. Includes a deep conditioning wrap, paw pad and elbow massage with essential oils and balm to restore moisture and soften skin and leave in conditioner for a softer coat. $15


Shed Control Treatment | Bath Add-On

Designed to remove much of the hair that would normally end up in your home, resulting in far less vacuuming or hair on your clothes and furniture. $15–30 depending on breed/size


Fresh Breath Treatment
A thorough teeth brushing followed by dental foam application to address plaque build-up and freshen pet's breath. $12


Skirt & Feathers Trim | Bath Add-On
Long hair trimmed between and around the legs, belly, ears, and tail. Add to a bath. $25


Sanitary Trim | Bath Add-On
Hair trimmed in select locations to keep pet waste out of the coat and create a clean, neat appearance. $15


Between Bath Touch-ups
Need a nail or coat touch-up between baths or have a special request? Speak with one of our concierges to discuss your pet’s needs and schedule an appointment.


Additional fees based on cooperation and the condition of the coat may apply.

Benefits of Regular Bathing & Brushing at Pampered Pets Inn

  • Leads to healthy skin, healthy coat and less shedding
  • Your pet will become accustomed to being bathed and actually enjoy the experience!
  • We use high quality and customized bathing products at a great value
  • No lifting and struggling at home getting your dog or cat into the tub!
  • Best of all…pets who smell and look great receive lots more hugs and cuddling at home!


Prices vary depending on cooperation during service. Please contact us to set up an appointment… then relax!

Dog entertaining the staff
groomer working with a dog

A clean, sweet smelling dog is just a click or call away!

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The staff is extra friendly and my Australian Cattle Dog loves going to get bathed. He always comes back smelling fresh and the facility is extra clean and very nice. The prices are super reasonable as well.

— Tyler D.

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