A Guide to Your Cat's First Day

We are so excited to meet your cat! As pet parents ourselves, we understand what a big decision it can be entrusting someone else with your four-legged family member. We’re sure you have some questions about what happens on the first stay and what the process looks like, so we put together this guide to give you a peek into your cat’s experience.


Your cat may feel a little nervous or anxious, particularly if they’ve never been in a lodging environment before or spent much time away from you—and that’s okay and normal! It can take a bit of time for our new guests to get familiar with our routine and facility. Try to focus on the fact that your cat will be in a safe and fun environment and that this is a positive experience. Your cat can sense when you feel anxious, stressed, or sad, and that may impact their first experience. Instead, be excited about what’s to come!

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before we close to ensure we have time to gather instructions and get your pet settled in their suite.

cat in the cat boarding room

The fun starts here — make a daycare reservation today!

Two happy cats

Check-In Process

Please have your cat in a cat carrier when you enter the building. Upon arrival, our friendly concierge staff will be ready to greet you.

A concierge or handler will take your cat to our cattery to get them settled. This includes removing their collar to ensure it doesn’t get caught on anything. If you would like to help with that process and say goodbye, you are welcome to do so. Once your cat is settled in, one of our concierges will check you in, note any meals that you brought in labeled sealed bags or containers, and answer any other questions you have. You can also add on extra activities to enrich your pet’s stay, like Extra Love, Spa services such as a nail trim, brushing or bath, and a daily Report Card with pictures.

At this time, we’ll check that you have completed the necessary paperwork, including the Client Owner Agreement and Getting to Know Our Guest which aids in assessing your cat. We’ll also make sure we have your cat’s up-to-date vaccination records on file.

Please complete your paperwork and have your vet send us the records before you arrive. If we do not have complete paperwork and vet records, your cat will not be allowed to stay.
Don’t worry about taking your wallet out now – you’ll pay when you pick up!

Make sure to ask for a tour if you’re interested in seeing the facility and where your cat will stay & play. We take pride in our clean, safe environment, and look forward to showing you what we’re all about!

Your Cat's Experience

While some cats land right on their feet and use every moment of playtime to explore and interact with staff, others may be shy and keep to themselves at first. We often see cats become more and more outgoing as they acclimate to the environment and become comfortable over the course of a few days.

First thing in the morning, the cats are fed and their suites cleaned. They then have the morning to relax while they wait for their turn to explore the cattery shelves, ledges and toys. Playtime for cats is on a 1-by-1 basis unless they have a sibling. Family cats are able to stay and play together. Concierges and handlers visit the cattery throughout the day to check on our guests and ensure they are comfortable while our guests watch the activity of the lobby and porch for entertainment. The cats are fed again in the evening, and their suites cleaned again.

The sound of chirping birds plays as a background to the daily activity and interaction that keeps the cats occupied during the day. At night, we switch over to soothing lullaby music when we tuck them in. We take it slow to not overwhelm them and to ensure they have the best time. One thing’s for sure: they’ll receive lots of love from our team!

two cats playing with a toy

The fun starts here — make a daycare reservation today!

woman hugging a cat

Check-Out Process

And there you have it! Your cat’s first experience at Pampered Pets Inn.

When you come to pick up, we’ll radio for your cat to be brought to the lobby and a Senior Handler will deliver your cat to you as well as any belongings you came in with. You’ll also receive a new guest report card that details how your cat’s first stay went and any observations we made.

Check-out time is 1pm. Your cat is welcome to stay for more play, and will be charged a daycare fee if departure is after 1 PM.