Easy Dog Training Tips

Did you know that February is Dog Training Education month? Training your dog doesn’t have to be as complicated as most people think, and when done using positive reinforcement, can be very fulfilling for both pet and owner. Positive reinforcement is an easy and effective approach to encouraging good behavior, teaching new commands, and eliminating bad habits through focus on reward rather than punishing unwanted behavior.
  • Immediately Reward Good Behavior. Dogs live in the moment and need immediate praise to understand the exhibited behavior was good behavior. Verbal praise, treats, toys, and positive touch are all tools that can be used to reward desired behavior. Dogs are eager to please and will quickly connect their positive action to receiving a reward.
  • Keep It Simple. Training should be short, fun, and positive. The key to getting your dog to understand what you want them to do is to keep it simple. Commands should be clear and to the point as unnecessary “fluff” may confuse your dog.
  • Consistency Matters. For training to be effective, all members of the household must work together as a team to be consistent with training expectations and commands. Just like humans, dogs will absolutely test their boundaries if they know there’s a chance they can get away it.
These are some basic commands and how they are useful in a high distraction environment:
  • Sit – To manage unwanted behavior, ask your dog to sit before getting too distracted.
  • Down – Face your dog’s back towards distractions and practice the down command to keep them focused on you.
  • Look – Ask for eye contact while distractions are passing you on walks or in a highly stimulating environment to ensure your dog is seeing and hearing the commands you are giving.
  • Heel – Ask for a heel/sit to ensure you and your dog’s safety before crossing the road.
Our training team would love to help you with your goals. You can contact our front desk for more details or email us at info@pamperedpetsinn.com.