Caring for Your Pet’s Coat

Your dog’s coat is an indicator of overall health. Dogs with fine, curly, or double coats experience mats more frequently than other breeds. Mats can cause skin irritation, extreme discomfort, and pain as well as hide parasites like fleas. In more severe cases, a mat can become pelted, preventing the coat from allowing air to the skin. Matting happens more frequently during shedding seasons, but anytime the loose coat isn’t brushed out, it can become impacted and tangle with the live fur. Moisture from swimming or rain can cause hair to curl and then dry wrapped around itself. This also explains why matting can happen even after a bath if the coat is not dried and brushed thoroughly.

Mat Removal

Loose mats. If the mat is loose, grab a comb and hold the base of the mat. Start brushing the ends and slowly move your way up to the base of the mat to ensure that no extra tangles are added.
Severe mats. Grooming clippers can be used. Do not use scissors unless you are appropriately trained, as this can more commonly result in pet injury and create a negative association with grooming.
See a professional. If DIY is not your style, contact your groomer and continue doing maintenance brushing around the affected area until it is addressed.

Mat Prevention

Regularly brush your dog’s coat. Find the brushes and combs that work best for your dog’s coat. Use a detangler or leave-in conditioner to assist in brushing.
Remove your dog’s harness when not in use. Friction from harnesses or collars can lead to skin irritation, hair loss, and matting.
For long-haired dogs, visit the groomer regularly. Keep hair trimmed short unless brushing daily. Note: Double-coated breeds or breed mixes should not be shaved unless recommended by your veterinarian, as their double coat keeps them cooler on hot days.
Add Shed Control and Healthy Skin & Coat treatments to a Full-Service Bath. Not only do we fully dry the coat after a bath, but we can also remove all the dead hair as well as deep condition the coat and skin, leading to a softer, healthier coat.
Add maintenance brushing services during lodging visits. Our spa team recommends that any guest susceptible to mats add on our maintenance brushing service at least once a week during their lodging stay or as often as you brush at home to keep up the routine.