Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is the fear of being left alone and can result in destructive, excessive behavior in dogs while you’re gone. It can be quite common, but difficult to manage.

The pandemic changed our routines and most of us began spending much more time at home with our pets. As our schedules start to open up again, many people will return back to work or go out more. It can take some time to adjust back to what our lives looked like before—especially for our pets.

Check out this interesting article about Separation Anxiety from the Humane Society for great advice and solutions for your pets who may be struggling with separation from you.

You can also talk to our concierge team about how we can help! We offer interactive and fun daycare to burn off energy and help your pup meet other people, toys and treats to relieve boredom, as well as training programs to instill confidence, build skills and grow comfortable being away from you.