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We use the finest products formulated specifically for pets with high quality, safe, all-natural ingredients and tailor each appointment to your pet’s likes and temperament. 

Dog Bathing Services

  • Pampered Premium Bath.  A relaxing massage and wash, Blueberry Facial, Full De-Shedding Brush Out, Ear Cleaning and Nail Maintenance.  Cost starts at $36*.
  • Basic Bath.  A relaxing massage and wash and a Light Brush Out.  Cost starts at $26*.

*Costs are based on condition of coat, size and cooperation during bathing process.  Baths are recommended every 6 to 8 weeks or as needed depending on dog’s activity.

Bathing Add-Ons

(Cost in addition to bath price)

  • Blueberry Facial.  Creamy tearless formula removes stains around the eyes and mouth for a clean, beautiful face.  $8
  • Deep Conditioning.  A long, luxurious massage with a soothing, hydrating conditioner.  Excellent addition to a bath to help alleviate dry skin.  $10
  • Mud Wrap.  Dead Sea mineral mud massage, followed by a wrap with warm towels to alleviate and prevent dry skin.  Tearless formula softens coat and moisturizes.  Recommended for sensitive skin. $10
  • Epsom Salt Soak.  Soak for feet irritated from allergies to relieve inflammation and pain.  $8
  • Flea/Tick Treatment.  Massage with a flea and tick preventative shampoo (does not replace need for monthly flea / tick preventative).  $15
  • Skunk Treatment.  Shampoo process followed by an application of Skunk Off to naturally eliminate unpleasant odors.  $30

Coat Maintenance

  • Light Brush Out.  A light brushing resulting in a shiny, healthy coat.  Recommended weekly, between baths.  $8
  • Full De-Shedding Brush Out.  Deep brushing to remove loose undercoat followed by a light brushing.  A shiny, healthy coat and significantly less shedding.  $12 per 15 min*  Recommended as needed, between baths.
  • De-Matting.  Removes clumps and tangles in long hair.  $12 per 15 min*
  • Paw Pad Hair Trim.  Hair underneath and around the paws is trimmed to create a clean, neat appearance.  Provides better traction for paws on slippery floors and reduces dirt tracked into your home. Recommended bi-monthly. $8
  • Sanitary Trim.  Hair trimmed in select locations to keep pet waste out of the coat and create a clean, neat appearance.  Recommended bi-monthly.  $8

Health & Nails

  • Ear Cleaning.  Earwax, debris and odors are wiped away using a cleansing & deodorizing formulation with eucalyptus.  Helps prevent infections.  Recommended weekly.  $6
  • Teeth Brushing.  A thorough brushing, with ProDental pet toothpaste.  Prevents plaque build-up, relieves minor gum irritation, and freshen pets’ breath.  Recommended weekly.  $8
  • Nail Maintenance.  Trim, file, shape and buff nails to smooth and perfect length.  Recommended every one to two weeks.  $10
  • Soft Paws. Soft, vinyl caps glued to your cat’s nails that blunt the nail tip and prevent damage from scratching. $15 for front or back paws, $25 for all 4 paws.
  • Nail Painting.  Nail polish will give your pet’s look a little pizazz.  $10
  • Tick Removal.  $2 per tick.
  • Gland Expression (external).  Emptying of unpleasantly full scent sacs located under your pet’s tail. $10

Rejuvenation Therapy

  • Paw Pad & Elbow Rejuvenation.  Paw pad massage with essential oils followed by Paw Balm to restore moisture and soften pads to reduce cracking caused by walking on rough or hot surfaces.  $8
  • Nose Rejuvenation.  A gentle massage with a specific nose-friendly formula to remove crusty build up.   $4

Spa Packages

  • Super Star.  Mud wrap or deep conditioning treatment, paw pad, elbow and nose rejuvenation, teeth brushing and an Argan coat oil treatment  $20
  • Super Star- Sensitive.  Pre-treating hypoallergenic shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioning, Epsom salt paw soak and teeth brushing  $20
  • Tush & Toes.  Sanitary trim and paw pad hair trim  $12
  • Between Baths.  A full brushout, Argan coat oil treatment, ear cleaning, nail maintenance and a teeth brushing  $20 / $26

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