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We use the finest products formulated specifically for pets with high quality, safe, all-natural ingredients and tailor each appointment to your pet’s likes and temperament. 

Dog Bathing Services

  • Pampered Premium Bath.  A relaxing massage and wash, Blueberry Facial, Full De-Shedding Brush Out, Ear Cleaning and Nail Maintenance.  Cost starts at $35*.
  • Basic Bath.  A relaxing massage and wash and a Light Brush Out.  Cost starts at $25*.

*Costs are based on condition of coat, size and cooperation during bathing process.  Baths are recommended every 6 to 8 weeks or as needed depending on dog’s activity.

Bathing Add-Ons

(Cost in addition to bath price)

  • Blueberry Facial.  Creamy tearless formula removes stains around the eyes and mouth for a clean, beautiful face.  $3.95
  • Deep Conditioning.  A long, luxurious massage with a soothing, hydrating conditioner.  Excellent addition to a bath to help alleviate dry skin.  $9.95
  • Mud Wrap.  Dead Sea mineral mud massage, followed by a wrap with warm towels to alleviate and prevent dry skin.  Tearless formula softens coat and moisturizes.  Recommended for sensitive skin. $9.95
  • Epsom Salt Soak.  Soak for feet irritated from allergies to relieve inflammation and pain.  $7.95
  • Flea/Tick Treatment.  Massage with a flea and tick preventative shampoo (does not replace need for monthly flea / tick preventative).  $15.00
  • Skunk Treatment.  Shampoo process followed by an application of Skunk Off to naturally eliminate unpleasant odors.  $30.00

Coat Maintenance

  • Light Brush Out.  A light brushing resulting in a shiny, healthy coat.  Recommended weekly, between baths.  $7.95
  • Full De-Shedding Brush Out.  Deep brushing to remove loose undercoat followed by a light brushing.  A shiny, healthy coat and significantly less shedding.  $12.00 per 15 min*  Recommended as needed, between baths.
  • Blow Out.  A leave in conditioner and gentle drying to restore natural beauty, prevent tangles, and repel dirt by forming a protective barrier on the coat.  Results in a softer texture.  Ideal coat refresher between baths.  $12.95 / $19.95*
  • De-Matting.  Removes clumps and tangles in long hair.  $12.00 per 15 min*
  • Paw Pad Hair Trim.  Hair underneath and around the paws is trimmed to create a clean, neat appearance.  Provides better traction for paws on slippery floors and reduces dirt tracked into your home. Recommended bi-monthly. $7.95
  • Sanitary Trim.  Hair trimmed in select locations to keep pet waste out of the coat and create a clean, neat appearance.  Recommended bi-monthly.  $7.95

Health & Nails

  • Ear Cleaning.  Earwax, debris and odors are wiped away using a cleansing & deodorizing formulation with eucalyptus.  Helps prevent infections.  Recommended weekly.  $5.95
  • Ear Wash.  Designed to address greater buildup of wax and debris, this sweet pea and vanilla wash is specifically formulated and pH adjusted to clean, dry, and deodorize the ear canal. $7.95
  • Teeth Brushing.  A thorough brushing, with ProDental pet toothpaste.  Prevents plaque build-up, relieves minor gum irritation, and freshen pets’ breath.  Recommended weekly.  $5.95
  • Nail Maintenance.  Trim, file, shape and buff nails to smooth and perfect length.  Recommended every one to two weeks.  $9.95
  • Nail Painting.  Nail polish will give your pet’s look a little pizazz.  $9.95
  • Ear, Teeth & Nail Maintenance.  Address all three: ear cleaning, teeth brushing and nails.  $19.95
  • Tick removal.  $2.00 per tick.
  • Gland Expression.  Emptying of unpleasantly full scent sacs located under your pet’s tail. $9.95

Rejuvenation Therapy

  • Paw Pad & Elbow Rejuvenation.  Paw pad massage with essential oils followed by Paw Balm to restore moisture and soften pads to reduce cracking caused by walking on rough or hot surfaces.  $7.95
  • Nose Rejuvenation.  A gentle massage with a specific nose-friendly formula to remove crusty build up.   $3.95
  • Rejuvenation Package.  Get all three – paw, elbow and nose!  $10.95

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