Keeping that Coat Looking Its Best!

We see firsthand how much happier and healthier a well maintained pet can be. Just like people, many health issues in dogs stem from poor hygiene. It’s very important to keep up on the basics for every dog: teeth brushing, nail maintenance and ear cleaning. When it comes to their coat, needs vary by type. Following are some tips to keep your pup feeling happy, healthy and beautiful.

Short Coats: Pups with short coats require less maintenance than their fluffier counterparts. Baths are recommended every 4-6 weeks to wash away dirt or dander and refresh the skin and fur. After shampooing, conditioner moisturizes the coat, adding softness and shine. While you don’t have to worry about mats or tangles, brushing is no less important! A regular weekly brush out has the benefit of removing dead, itchy hair, decreasing shedding over time, and spreading natural skin oils throughout the coat to keep it healthy and strong. Common breeds with this coat type include Labs, Bulldogs, Chihuahuas, Boxers, Pugs and Hounds.


Medium/Wire Coats: Pets with medium or wiry coats require a few extra steps for best results. Some of these breeds also feature double coats (a coat that consists of two layers: undercoat of short hairs which serves to keep the dog protected from extreme temps and a topcoat of longer hairs to repel moisture and dirt). Double coats are prone to more shedding and seasonal blowouts (when the undercoat is released in large clumps as a result of warmer weather). Brush outs are recommended a few times a week, especially in spring and summer when they naturally shed more. Dogs with wire hair especially can benefit from a coat oil treatment, which is effective at softening and de-tangling. Baths are recommended every 4-6 weeks also, but if your pup is bearded or likes to swim, consider a more frequent bathing schedule to combat odor. Common breeds with this coat type include Huskies, Corgis, German Shepherds, Wire Haired Terriers/Pointers and Wheatons.

Long Coats: Long coated breeds typically have the thickest, or curliest hair, and this group includes dogs whose hair grows continuously until trimmed or shaved. These dogs require daily brushing to prevent knots and mats, which can quickly become unmanageable and even painful. Seasonal blowouts are expected, and de-shedding brush-outs are a must! Often, they require baths more frequently than other breeds, depending on the coat length, thickness, and whether or not they are sporting a beard and mustache. They may also need more deep conditioning treatments to keep hair from drying out at the ends. Common breeds with this coat type include Golden Retrievers, Poodles/Doodles, Australian Shepherds, Collies, Newfoundlands, Spaniels, Schnauzers and Shih Tzus.

For many dogs, particularly those with medium and long coats, sanitary trims are a great way to maintain cleanliness after bathroom breaks. Paw pad hair trims may also be considered to prevent slippage on slick floors as well as matting between the toes. Plus, they create such tidy looking tushes and toes!

Our spa staff is well trained in the care of every coat type and while we do not offer full haircuts or face trims, we’ve got everything else covered. Whether you do it yourself or use professional services, if you have any questions about your dog’s (or cat’s!) maintenance needs, don’t hesitate to ask us!