Keeping Your Dog Active

In observation of Canine Fitness Month, ideas to keep your dog active for their physical and mental well being.

Consider Group Play Focused Daycare. Because dogs are pack-minded animals, playing and interacting with other animals helps them learn social cues that are critical to their development. Group Play situations also bring any undesirable traits to your attention so that they can be addressed. Your dog will learn how to adapt to unfamiliar experiences, as well as maintain confidence and proper behavior in new situations.
Practice Training or Teach Them A New Trick Daily. Training your dog provides great mental stimulation. Using positive reinforcement methods, review all the commands you’ve taught them previously, or introduce a new one. Learning new tricks or commands is stimulating for your dog, keeps them active, and can be a fun activity for you as well! Another fun idea is to set up an obstacle course in your yard for your dog using items around your home, and practice agility training.
Try Puzzle Toys. Cognitive puzzle toys prevent destructive boredom habits and relieve anxiety while provided exercise for your pup. They are designed to stimulate and challenge your dog by incorporating problem-solving skills into their routine, and increase their focus and attention, which can even make training more effective.
Your dog’s breed and personality are a factor in which puzzle toys they will best respond to. Some pets may enjoy more difficult puzzles, while toys that require less movement may be better suited for those pets with mobility issues. Slow feeder puzzle bowls will also help with upset stomachs and weight management in fast eaters. And the best part is – they’re fun!
Go On An Adventure. Dogs love exploring new things, places, and people – so whether it’s a walk on a new trail, camping, a car ride, a day by the water, or a trip to a dog-friendly store, any excursion will be a welcome adventure to your curious dog. This can be a great opportunity for socialization as well. If they are nervous around large crowds, choosing locations with less people can provide your dog with exposure to other people and pets without being overwhelmed.
Whether you let us help or you choose options on your own, spending time with your dog and keeping them active will lead to a healthier life for them. And for you too. Let us know how we can help!