Tools to Manage Dog Incontinence

Tools to Manage Dog Incontinence

While training plays a big part in ensuring dogs do their business where you want them to, there are a number of health and age-related reasons why dogs have accidents. Your dog’s loss of bladder control can be extremely frustrating and worrisome for a pet owner but putting a plan together to address can often lead to a dramatic improvement in circumstance. Quite often, the issue can be managed through medication, resulting in a reduction or even elimination of accidents. If that isn’t sufficient, however, additional tools are available to keep accidents from ruining your floors and furniture.

The first step is to speak with your veterinarian about the issue. Tests can be completed to determine the cause and whether medication is necessary. If you are having trouble housetraining your dog, or your previously well-trained dog is now having accidents, it might be due to a health issue, so speaking with your vet is an important first step.

Products to Help (Once Cause is Known)

Diapers. These are useful for both male and female dogs. Diapers can contain urinary and fecal accidents.

Belly Bands. These are useful for male dogs in containing urinary accidents.

Pee Pads. Once a pet is used to them, when they feel the urge to go they can use the pad. This requires some training as well as a designated place in your home. Pee pads will not work for pets that don’t feel when their bladder is full.

Dog Diaper Pads / Blankets. These can keep your dog drier, and help protect your carpets, floors, and furniture from unwanted accidents. They are most effective when placed in your dog’s favorite lounging spots if that is where they are having their accidents. A product we really like is the Washable Wonders Blanket Pad from, which combines the softness of a microfleece blanket with the protection of a waterproof pad.

Whatever route you choose, please bring supplies with you for lodging or daycare stays so we may continue the same approach when they are in our care. This will reduce accidents in their suites, resulting in a happier, more comfortable pup!