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Caring for Your Pet's Coat

Caring for your Pets Coat

Your dog’s coat is an indicator of overall health. Dogs with fine, curly, or double coats experience mats more frequently than other breeds. Mats can cause skin irritation, extreme discomfort, and pain as well as hide parasites like fleas. In more severe cases, a mat can become pelted, preventing the coat from allowing air to…

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trainer working with a dog

Saying YES to Positive Reinforcement

Do you recall the feeling you had when your parent would give you your allowance for doing your chores? It made you want to continue completing your chores, right? That’s called Positive Reinforcement. Similarly, dogs are motivated to perform behaviors for treats, food, and praise. Positive Reinforcement trains your dog to associate a reward with a…

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trainer working with a dog

Reservations: The Inside Story

It’s been a wild ride since the pandemic! We’ve had to toss our demand forecast models out the window due to high demand year-round. That’s exciting news, because staffing for a constant level of demand rather than seasonal ups and downs is much easier. It has allowed us to build a great team of employees and it…

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dogs on the playground

Keeping Your Dog Active

In observation of Canine Fitness Month, ideas to keep your dog active for their physical and mental well being. Consider Group Play Focused Daycare. Because dogs are pack-minded animals, playing and interacting with other animals helps them learn social cues that are critical to their development. Group Play situations also bring any undesirable traits to your…

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two dogs looking happy

Building Confidence in Your Dog

Does your dog display uncomfortable, insecure, or fearful behavior, such as lunging or barking at another person or dog, or unwarranted submissiveness? These behaviors may indicate a lack of confidence and could be the result of a negative experience or a genetic predisposition. As pet parents, we want our dogs to be comfortable and well…

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golden retriever relaxing in the grass

Easy Dog Training Tips

Did you know that February is Dog Training Education month? Training your dog doesn’t have to be as complicated as most people think, and when done using positive reinforcement, can be very fulfilling for both pet and owner. Positive reinforcement is an easy and effective approach to encouraging good behavior, teaching new commands, and eliminating…

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dogs in the yard

Keep Your Dog’s Brain Sharp

Similar to Alzheimer’s Disease in humans, older dogs can also suffer from Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD). The symptoms are similar: forgetfulness, difficulty recognizing family, disorientation, trouble sleeping, and other general behavioral changes. If you notice these symptoms in your pup, it’s always a good idea to speak with your vet. Studies have shown that there…

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dogs wearing Christmas hats

Preparing your Pet for the Holidays

The end of the year and holiday season can be a really busy time! There’s the added excitement of visitors, changes in routine, new activities and foods that come with this time of year. It can become stressful for your pets and there are things to keep in mind as a pet parent. Here are…

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Dog enjoying a spa day

Acclimating Your Dog to Professional Services

It’s important for your dog to feel comfortable being handled, whether at the vet, groomer or dog spa, in order to create a stress-free experience. Vets will be able to diagnose and treat your dog more successfully without struggle or resistance. Spa techs and groomers will be better able to complete bathing and hair cut…

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